We are one of the leading Manufacturer of

Corrugated HDPE Double And Single Wall Pipes

manufacturing unit situated at Ahmedabad is engaged in manufacture of Corrugated Ducting for  More...

Double Wall
Corrugated (DWC) Pipes

Used as underground cable protection and management For Signal and Telecom, Power & Optical Fiber Cables  More Product Details

Single Wall
Corrugated (SWC) Pipes

Single wall HDPE corrugated sheathing ducts Used in internal bonded post tensioning of tendons in prestressed concrete  More Product Details

We are premier manufactures of Double Walled and Single Wall corrugated pipes that are manufactured on a state-of-the-art production line at par with various global standards. Over the years, through our expertise, we have garnered a significant clientele across various industrial sectors like Irrigation, Telecommunication Dredging, Drainage, Public Works Department, Water Department, Railways and Aviation. Our production capacity is capable of meeting versatile client requirements of any volume, making us a name to reckon with in the market in terms of quality, reliability and service. Read More