Why SWC?

All over the world, it has become a common practice to use over metallic ducts due to the several advantages that they offer. We provide SWC Pipes with better corrosion resistance, better flexibility and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Our pipes also provide better water tightness and are environmentally friendlier than other similar products. Our pipes are available in several different sizes and can also be customized as per specific client requirements.

Product Description

Single Walled Corrugated Pipes are used as Sheathing Ducts in projects such as bridges, flyovers, offshore platforms, via ducts, tunnels, underpasses etc. Corrosion is the biggest threat to any infrastructure and metallic sheathing ducts in spite of galvanizing invariably corrode very quickly. HDPE SWC sheathing ducts manufactured by us provide superior resistance against such problems and are already being used successfully in various projects globally.

Joints & Fittings

We provide joints and fittings that include:

  • Couplers
  • Tee Joints
  • Grout Vent

These joints can be easily mounted on the main pipes supplied by us without the use of any custom equipment. More over they are also universally acceptable to ensure that our clients do not incur any additional costs.

Available Sizes

Available sizes of HDPE Sheathing Ducts

Sizes OD/ID Thickness Length
50mm / 39 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
63mm / 50 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
78mm / 63 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
92 mm / 75 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
97 mm / 85 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
110mm / 95 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
120mm / 103 mm 2mm/2.5mm 6 Mtrs.
125mm / 105 mm 2mm/2.5mm 6 Mtrs.
160mm / 136 mm 2mm/2.5mm 6 Mtrs.

Advantages & Features

Some unique features of DWC pipes include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Economically viable when compared to conventional sheathing ducts
  • Lower values of wobble co-efficient (k) & friction co-efficient (µ) than metallic ducts
  • Better bonding with the concrete
  • In-house availability of all accessories
  • Available in custom lengths
  • Superior water tightness
  • Easy handling and quicker installation
  • Corrosion monitoring tendons
  • Electrical monitoring of tendons
  • High stiffness and flexibility
  • Environment friendly


  • Flyovers and Bridges.
  • Nuclear containment facilities
  • Offshore platforms
  • Via ducts
  • Elevated Expressway Project
  • Underpasses
  • Tunnels
  • Pipelines
  • Drainage (Storm Water, Highways and Roads & Sports-field / Sub-Surface Drainage)
  • Municipal Sewerage
  • Culverts & water management / highways drainage
  • Telecommunication
  • Ducts for underground electric cables
  • Solar Park